African Power Coal Limited Celebrates Christmas with Mulungwa Community

In the heart of the Mulungwa Coal Mine, Christmas came early last year as African Power Coal Limited (APC) orchestrated a festive celebration that left the community of Mulungwa Village beaming with joy and gratitude. The festive gathering marked not only a time of merriment but also highlighted the company’s commitment to being an integral part of the community.

Africa Power Coal 94
APC Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Kays, delivering his Keynote speech

Investing in Community Welfare

The event commenced with a poignant speech from Mr. Jonathan Kays, the Chief Executive Officer of APC. Addressing the gathering, Mr. Kays stressed the significance of the company’s investment in the region, acknowledging the sacrifices made. He urged the community to protect the investment, as any damage would directly affect the residents.

“As investors, we are here to create jobs and support the community. The company is now an integral part of Mulungwa, and when we learn of challenges like the lack of a clinic or safe drinking water, we step in to provide solutions,” Mr. Kays stated. He urged patience from the community, emphasizing that the company aims to address issues gradually and encouraged peaceful dialogue for conflict resolution.

It was not long ago when APC answered the Mulungwa community’s call for clean water by drilling three boreholes in distinct communities surrounding the mine area as a meaningful contribution to community well-being.

Africa Power Coal 89
APC Managing Director, Jibo Huang, delivering his speech

Building a Sustainable Future

Mr. Jibo Huang, the Managing Director of APC, expressed gratitude to the Mulungwa community for their unwavering support since the establishment of the mine in 2022. He assured the community of the company’s commitment to further investment in Mulungwa Village, creating additional job opportunities for residents.

“In the competitive coal business environment, we must work hard and work together to thrive. Our success is not just the company’s success; it’s the community’s success too,” Mr. Huang affirmed.

Education and Sports: Empowering the Youth

The company’s commitment to education was highlighted through the donation of over 100 raincoats to schoolgoing children as a way of ensuring their safety and well-being during the rainy season and supporting the educational journey of Mulungwa’s youth. Furthermore, Mulungwa FC, the company’s football team, received a boost with the donation of two sets of football jerseys, reinforcing the importance of sports in community development.

Empowering Local Business

The highlight of the event was the inauguration of a newly constructed market for the local community. APC demonstrated its commitment to empowering local businesses by providing a space for the sale of vegetables, contributing to the livelihoods of Mulungwa residents.

Africa Power Coal 178
Sinazongwe DC (centre) cuts ribbon with APC CEO (right) to officially open the market

Culminating in Celebration

The festivities reached a crescendo with performances by Budima, a musical ensemble representing the Valley Tonga. Local music added a touch of cultural vibrancy to the celebration, creating an atmosphere of unity and joy.

And to ensure that the festive season brought joy to all, the company generously distributed Christmas hampers to both all its hardworking staff and the village headmen who were present. Over 500 hampers were distributed.

The day culminated in a friendly football match between Mulungwa FC and a local team, symbolizing the unity and camaraderie that the company seeks to promote within the community.

Government Appreciation

Gracing the event, Sinazongwe District Commissioner, Mr. Nchimunya Siakole, expressed his appreciation for APC’s contributions to the community. He acknowledged the company’s role in job creation, particularly for the local population, and highlighted the uniqueness of the company’s contributions compared to other mines in the area, particularly the provision of a market space for local women.

“As the government, we cannot employ everyone. We appreciate African Power Coal Limited a lot because they have provided jobs for our people. The creation of a market for local farmers and the ongoing construction of a clinic are unprecedented steps that showcase a commitment beyond profit,” Mr. Siakole acknowledged.

The company is on the threshold of opening a clinic, currently in its final stages of completion. This clinic, once operational, will be a boon not only for the employees of APC but for every member of the community, providing essential healthcare services.

As the Christmas sun set over Mulungwa Coal Mine, it left behind not just the echoes of cheers and laughter but also a profound sense of community, collaboration, and a shared commitment to a brighter future. African Power Coal Limited’s Christmas celebration was not just about festivities; it was a demonstration of the company’s belief in the transformative power of giving back to the community that has welcomed them with open arms.

Africa Power Coal 2041
Locals display their dancing skills
Africa Power Coal 75
Budima playing and dancing
Africa Power Coal 278
Schoolgoing children receiving their rain coats
Africa Power Coal 279
Schoolgoing children pose for a photo in their new raincoats
Africa Power Coal 139
CEO Jonathan Kays joins Budima in a dance
Africa Power Coal 2101
Budima crew member smiles for the camera
Africa Power Coal 22
Newly constructed market for local community
Africa Power Coal 26
Soon to be commissioned clinic
Africa Power Coal 294
Handing over of Christmas hampers to village headmen



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