Southern Province

Southern Province :

1. Two large-scale mining license areas for coal in Sinazongwe District and Gwembe District of Southern Province.

2. One exploration license area in Choma District of Southern Province with good potential of tin and rare-metal resources.

Mulungwa Coal Mine

Mulungwa Coal Mine is situated in Sinazongwe District of Southern Province. It covers an area of 13,400ha and has a lifespan of 120 years with an annual production of 1, 500,000T.


Current products available at the Mulungwa Coal Mine include washed coal nuts, peas and fines. As at last month, we produced 30,000T and we are targeting 50,000T. Before the end of the year, we wil reach about 125,000T per month for us to hit 1,000,000T per annum.